Monday, 8 May 2017



There are a few things in life that can take your heart;steer your mind and change your being as much as a relationship can; because they are very important elements in all of our lives.

They are some of the craziest, trickiest journeys we will ever go on and that’s why it’s important to weed out the wrong ones, and nurture and grow the right ones.

But obviously that is easier said than done, because some as we know will be blessings and some lessons, but which one is which seems to remain one of those great life mysteries.

 As some of us have seen and experienced with relationships;  they will always continue to surprise you.

Like when time gets tough or better yet when good things happens in your life …people will leave you.

When it comes to them benefiting over you, people will betray you.

Your thinking they have changed, I am thinking they are just slowly revealing themselves.

Then there are so many fake A$$ people, your just not able to separate the wolves from the sheep and lastly even the best relationships will not last forever.

Stand on your head;

Sell your soul if you want, but last forever they won’t.

Having taken part in reasons, seasons and lifetimes and the joys and lessons they have bestowed on  me over the years.

I wanted to share with you my one and only tool.

The tool I use to let of go of the soul suckers, peace stealer's and joy crushers that I have come across over my lifetimes as it saddens and irritates me to no end when I see people still stuck with nonsense and calling it a relationship or a friendship.

 The tool I use consist of two words.
  •  Affected? Or Infected? (aka contaminated)

Are you affected or infected?

 If you are able to affect the person in your relationship and they are also affecting you in a positive; cherished and nurtured way - you are still good to GO.

But it you find that you are no longer being affected but negatively infected, tainted, damaged, and polluted. I belief it’s time to walk over the bridge you have built with each other; set it on fire and let it go.

If you need some more time for closure, watch it burn.



In the end you need to realize that your peace is your power and if someone is stealing your joy or infecting you instead of positively affecting you then it’s time to leave that relationship.

We need to keep strife out of our lives, and we are the only people that can ensure that we cancel out bitterness, strife and offense.

Don’t spend time building walls, don’t take time to hold onto anger. Just ask yourself if you are being affected or infected.

Therein lies your your freedom and peace.

Your Thoughts?

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